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Marketing websites built with Webflow
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Make Google happy

Clean code, fast hosting and technical quality results in search engine optimization (SEO) built into every website.

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Own your content

A content management system (CMS) with the power and flexibility needed for your marketing, with the ease-of-use needed for your sanity.

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Sexy everywhere

A stylish website that works on all devices. Design, meet function. Accessible to all on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

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Easy collaboration

Forget static mock-ups that don't show what your website will really be like. Speed up development time and reduce errors with live prototypes.

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Full design freedom

Creative power without messy third-party plugins (ahem, Wordpress). Custom animations, interactions and triggers for an immersive experience.

Optimize & automate

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) made easy with rapid copy and design iterations. Automate workflows with your website and existing software.

Your marketing website built with Webflow

Five simple steps to start growing online with your website


Review website plans

Check out our website plans. Not sure about the plans and want to chat first?

We've got you covered. Book a free consultation to discuss each plan in more detail and choose the one best for you.


Sign up for a website plan

Once you're comfortable to proceed, sign up for a website plan. There are monthly and quarterly plans to choose from.

There is a fixed subscription fee for each plan. No nasty surprises here! Plus you can easily cancel your plan before the next renewal date if needed.


Welcome to mellomar

After signing up, you'll receive access to your own member area to communicate with our team. Note you'll be able to easily manage your account from here.

There will also be a short discovery form to help us further understand your business, target audience and goals for your website. Then we'll have a kick-off session to make sure we're aligned and have what we need to get started on your website.


Let's build you an awesome website!

Once we have everything we need, we'll get down to helping your business grow with a custom-designed Webflow website.

Your member area will allow you to review and track the progress of all work being done. You can also make requests via your member space. Prefer hot pink to flamingo pink? Done.

All new websites and changes to existing websites are fully tested by us and signed off by you before being published.


Effortless plan management

Your plan can be controlled from your dedicated member area.

You'll receive weekly reports outlining the work done and how this progresses us towards your goals. You can also schedule weekly meetings with your growth partner to recap the previous week, plan the upcoming week, and review any changes required.

And don't worry - you can contact us at any time if you need to via your member area, email, phone (WhatsApp) or your preferred messaging service (e.g., Google Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack). We'll communicate whichever way you prefer.

We have the answers to your
website design and development questions

If your question isn't listed here, please contact us!
Who do you build websites for?

We build websites for people who need to market their business or organization. Note we don't build shops for ecommerce. But we can embed sales functionality into your website based on your unique needs.

Why should I use Webflow for my marketing website?

Great question. Check out this article to learn why we think everyone should use Webflow for their marketing website.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit or community organizations?

Yes, we love to work with for-purpose organizations! Please contact us to discuss your needs and we'll work out a special pricing deal for you.

Do you use only Webflow to build websites?

Yes. We're a Webflow design and development agency. We believe Webflow is the best solution for modern marketing websites.

I have a Wordpress website. Can you transfer everything to a Webflow website?

Yes. We'll undertake a comprehensive review of your website and map everything to a new Webflow website. We'll also review your current search engine optimization (SEO) status and ensure there is no harm done. (In fact, you may see an improvement in your SEO status due to the improvements Webflow brings your website.)

I have an existing Webflow website. I want to make improvements to it. Can you help?

Yes. We'll review your website and discuss your needs with you. Once you've signed up to a plan, we'll get working on updating your website per your goals.

I want to make updates to my website. Will this be possible?

Yes. Every Webflow website comes with their Editor and CMS functions. This means you can update your website yourself with new articles, landing pages, images, etc. We'll provide you with training on how to use these tools. As part of the development process, we'll discuss with you what parts of the website you'd like to update yourself. When signed up to one of our website plans, you may also request more structural changes or assistance with these changes at any time via your member area.

What happens after you build my website?

If we build a new website for you, our service plans include hosting it on Webflow's servers. Our plans have different amounts of design and development we complete for you every month depending on your needs. We also offer conversion rate optimization (CRO) and integration with existing software your business may already be using. Alternatively, we can hand over your website for you to host on Webflow or with another provider yourself. Either way, we complete all required testing and make sure you're 100% happy with your website before it's published.