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SEO content planning

Get a documented content strategy for SEO that drives your business goals. Relax with an editorial content calendar prepared for every quarter. The key topics, questions and keywords  are identified and incorporated into the planning. Existing content is audited to identify opportunities to refresh and improve.

We take the time to truly understand your business, target audience and industry. Competitor analysis reveals content gaps and variations to exploit. We plan content that resonates at each stage of the customer journey and drives the right kind of traffic to your website.

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SEO content creation

Highlight customer success with case studies and user stories. Utilise strategic guides and data-led insights to demonstrate industry leadership. Only talented and experienced writers with subject matter expertise create your high-quality content. They work to content briefs aligned with the documented strategy to drive your growth.

We believe that human creativity and skill cannot be replaced by AI. Your content will always be lovingly made, designed to earn trust and authority. We can provide the edit history of the content for peace of mind that a human, not a robot, hand-crafted it. We're not completely anti-AI. Some AI-powered tools may be used to assist with ideation, research and optimizing the content for SEO. But robots are not writers. They are assistants.

Links and citations from authoritative sources

Create content that people want to reference on their websites organically. Genuine outreach to key websites identifies the best opportunities to gain additional exposure and traffic to your website.

Build trust with Google by receiving links and citations from leading websites. Still one of the most effective ways for Google to understand the popularity and importance of your website, helping to improve your ranking.

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SEO technical optimization

Slow websites. Confusing navigation, duplicate content and dead ends. Built for desktops, not mobile. The technical elements of a website that can go wrong and hurt your SEO efforts.

A comprehensive audit of your website can identify these issues. Fixing them can result in improved Google rankings, bringing you more traffic, leads and sales.

Local SEO

Become more visible when people search your local area for the solutions you provide. Anyone with a physical location or serving a specific geographic area can benefit. Collecting customer reviews and links from local organisations amplify your reputation. A website optimized for mobile is a must.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile helps you stand out on Google Search and Maps. Ideal for stores, restaurants, and service businesses. Manage your profile to respond to reviews, post news and offers, and understand how customers are searching for you.

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Enjoy the benefits of a mellomar SEO service plan

Scale your growth with the right visitors to your website
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Traffic with purpose

Content with high Google rankings brings traffic. But then what? Content that brings the right audience and engages to achieve your goals.

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Created by humans

AI assists, not dictates what is written. Only experienced and skilled writers hand-craft trustworthy compelling content.

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Promote authority

There is a torrent of content being pumped out every day. Stand out with unique and valuable content showcasing your authority.

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Sustainable growth

SEO is an investment with compounding returns. Gain steadily increasing traffic to your website each month, quarter and year.

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Flexible plans

Choose from monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription plans. Cancel and pick up your subscription again when you want. No hard feelings.

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SEO partner

We onboard a set number of clients every quarter to ensure quality. You'll be assigned a dedicated SEO partner to ensure your growth is on track.

Your growth goals achieved with smart SEO

Five simple steps to start growing online with SEO services from mellomar


Review SEO plans

Check out our SEO plans. Not sure about the plans and want to chat first?

We've got you covered. Book a free consultation to discuss each plan in more detail and choose the one(s) best for you.


Sign up for an SEO plan

Once you're comfortable to proceed, sign up for an SEO plan. There are monthly and quarterly plans to choose from.

There is a fixed subscription fee for each plan. No nasty surprises here! Plus you can easily cancel your plan before the next renewal date if needed.


Welcome to mellomar

After signing up, you'll receive access to your own member area to communicate with our team. Note you'll be able to easily manage your account from here.

There will also be a short discovery form to help us further understand your business, target audience and SEO goals. Then we'll have a kick-off session to make sure we're aligned and have what we need to get started on your SEO services.


Time to start SEO!

Once we have everything we need, we'll get down to helping your business grow with the SEO services you've signed up for.

Your member area will allow you to review and track the progress of all work being done. You can also make requests via your member space.


Effortless plan management

Your plan can be controlled from your dedicated member area.

You'll receive weekly reports outlining the work done and how this progresses us towards your goals. You can also schedule weekly meetings with your growth partner to recap the previous week, plan the upcoming week, and review any changes required.

And don't worry - you can contact us at any time if you need to via your member area, email, phone (WhatsApp) or your preferred messaging service (e.g., Google Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack). We'll communicate whichever way you prefer.

We have the answers to your
SEO questions

If your question isn't listed here, please contact us!
What is SEO?

SEO stands for 'search engine optimization'. It refers to the methods and tactics used to improve the ranking of your website pages in search engine results. There are three areas that require focus in SEO. First is on-page optimization, which refers to the content you have on your website and how this content has been formatted and assessed in terms of experience, expertise, trustworthiness and authority (Google's EEAT guidelines). Second is off-page optimization, which refers to how other websites and online properties (e.g. social media) link to your website and build your EEAT score. Third is technical SEO, which refers to how your website has been built to ensure fast-loading pages, easy navigation, secure access, and a lack of duplicate content, missing pages and dead links. In summary, there is a lot to consider when conducting SEO campaigns. That's why mellomar subscription plans cover all three areas to ensure success and give you peace of mind.

Can you guarantee the number one ranking on Google for my business?

This is a really complicated question! This depends on a few factors. It may be possible to gain the number one to three ranking for certain keywords, most obviously the name of your business. Others may be more difficult and depends on how difficult it is to currently rank for that keyword due to competitors. Google is also constantly updating their algorithms, so rankings are inherently unstable. Be wary of anyone that claims they can guarantee you the number one spot! It's also important that you rank for keywords that align with the needs and interests of your target audience and business goals. Gaining a high ranking for a topic or keyword that doesn't is rather pointless.

How long does it take to see results with your SEO services?

Again, it depends. There may be some quick wins that we identify after reviewing your website and documenting a content strategy for you. If your business is in a competitive industry in terms of SEO and content marketing, it may take longer to gain traction. This is where paid ads can help to drive some initial traffic while the organic traffic takes time to pick up. We can discuss this with you in a free consultation and then in more detail once you sign up for a plan.

Why do I need links to my website from other websites? Does Google approve?

Known as 'backlinks', these links are important signals to Google regarding the importance of your website. In addition to signals from other online areas such as social media, it boosts your EEAT (experience, expertise, authority and trust) score with Google. This in turn assists with the ranking of your website on Google. However, beware of low quality backlinks that you may see for sale. They are in breach of Google policies on buying and selling backlinks. These can do more harm than good as they are from websites that may give an initial bump, but will be caught out by Google sooner or later. All of our high-quality backlinks are based on relationships with authoritative websites and the distribution of valuable content on your website that people want to link to.