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SEO strategies and
content to power
organic growth

Your growth partner with flexible subscription plans that scale with you

Fixed costs with the ability to cancel and resume.

We're on a mission...

To help organizations grow organically.
With a high-performing website, SEO that delivers results, and impactful content across your website, social media and email.
We take the confusion out of inbound marketing.
So you can relax and focus on what you do best.

The best inbound marketers for your business

Mellomar operates remote-first with a roster of skilled inbound marketing professionals from around the world.
Every organization is unique. We select the most skilled inbound marketers with industry experience to deliver the outcomes you need.

Our values drive our work

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Curious & inventive

Naturally interested in everything about our customers, our community and how to make things better. We design smart solutions as a result.

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Friendly & empathetic

We are always available to truly listen to our customers, to understand their situation and ensure we act in their best interests.

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Collaborative & open

We work together with our customers to achieve their goals. We are transparent and honest with our thoughts and the actions we take.

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We take a human-centred approach in our solutions and how we work. This includes strategic use of AI without losing the humanity of the work.

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Quality focused

We deliver only the best work for our customers. In today's world, that's the only way to ensure your brand stands out and has an impact.

Global citizens

We ensure our actions are always socially and environmentally conscious. We strive to positively benefit the communities we work in.

Join Mellomar and help combat climate change

We're donating 1.5% of all revenue to remove carbon from our atmosphere via Stripe Climate
Stripe Climate badge confirming Mellomar's membership

We believe climate change is something that we all need to combat. At Mellomar, one way we show this commitment is by being part of the Stripe Climate program. 1.5% of your payments to us are automatically set aside by our payments processing partner, Stripe. This money is used to fund various next-generation technology projects to permanently remove CO2 from our atmosphere, helping to slow climate change.

Learn more about how Mellomar combats climate change

Hey, I'm Jon.

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I founded Mellomar to help organizations with their inbound marketing. To act as a true partner, not just a service provider. With best-in-class websites built with Webflow, proven SEO tactics and compelling content across all online channels.
In the age of AI and clickbait, Mellomar is committed to making the internet a better place while ensuring everyone has access to the services required to grow their business organically. This philosophy of mellow marketing underlines everything we do.
We are also dedicated to a remote-first lifestyle. This allows us to hire the best wherever our clients are located. Only the best Webflow designers and developers, SEO wizards and content creators are chosen to deliver high-quality work.
It also means we don't have the cost of expensive office space or perks that would be passed onto you. It is 2023 after all!
Remote doesn't mean cut-off. We leverage whichever communication channels you and your team feel most comfortable with, in addition to your exclusive Mellomar member area.
Get in contact with us today to see how we can help you. You can also hit me up on your preferred social media below.
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