Scale your growth with intelligent inbound marketing

Mellomar uses SEO and content marketing to grow organically with high-converting websites and impactful content online
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Powerful but simple service packages

Everything you need to hit your growth goals (no contracts, cancel any time)

Website design & development with Webflow

Your website should be working for you 24/7. A custom website to attract, engage and convert your ideal customers more effectively. A website built for usability and to scale with your future growth.

Choose a subscription package to create your ideal marketing website with unlimited requests to design and develop. Push for even better results with conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Integrate your website with your existing tools to automate processes. All built with the power of Webflow.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Receiving more organic traffic to your website is one of the most cost effective ways to grow your business online. We work with you to understand your ideal customers to find those magic keywords and topics to create content that performs.

Content is just part of an effective SEO strategy. You also need to ensure your website is set up for Google to crawl correctly. And you need to signal to Google your authority and trustworthiness by earning links to your website from reputable websites. We handle all of this for you.

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Content marketing

Content is crucial for SEO, but it shouldn't just be restricted to your website. Engage with your audience with high-performing content across your social media channels. Share your best content and stay top of mind with your customers with targeted campaigns via email marketing.

Support your organic efforts with paid content promotions to bring you leads and sales more quickly. Target your ideal customers with creative and effective ads on Google and social media. Tap into relevant social influencers' audiences to increase your content's reach.

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Your inbound marketing needs
without the expense or confusion

Five simple steps to start growing online


Review service plans

Review our service plans and choose the one(s) that you need. Not sure which plans are right for you? Have some questions first?

No worries, book a free consultation and we'll sort it out together.


Sign up

Once you have confirmed which plan(s) you'd like to go with, it only takes a few minutes to sign up on this website. There are monthly and quarterly plans to choose from.

There is a fixed subscription fee for each plan. No nasty surprises here! Plus you can easily cancel your plan before the next renewal date if needed.



After signing up, you'll receive access to your own member space to communicate with our team.

There will also be a short discovery form to help us further understand your business, target audience and desired outcomes. Then we'll have a kick-off session to make sure we're aligned and have what we need to get started on your service(s).


Let's grow your business!

Once we have everything we need, we'll get down to helping your business grow. Whatever you've signed up for, we'll work with you directly to deliver the outcomes your business needs.

Your member space will allow you to track the progress of all work being done. This is also where you'll make additional requests as needed.


Effortless plan management

Your plan can be controlled from your dedicated member area.

You'll receive weekly reports outlining the work done and how this progresses us towards your goals. You can also schedule weekly meetings with your growth partner to recap the previous week, plan the upcoming week, and review any changes required.

And don't worry - you can contact us at any time if you need to via your member area, email, phone (WhatsApp) or your preferred messaging service (e.g., Google Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack). We'll communicate whichever way you prefer.

Lots of benefits included to make you happy

Replace hiring extra staff or freelancers with a more flexible and cost-effective model
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Clear fixed costs

Know exactly how much you're paying with fixed costs on our subscription plans. Scale down or up, or cancel anytime. You're in control.

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Quality assured

We hire only the best marketers in your industry. We leverage their skills and knowledge to deliver you the best outcomes.

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Partner in growth

You'll be assigned a dedicated growth partner to ensure your goals are on track. Think of them as part of your team. (Minus the annoying habits.)

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Revise until happy

We get it. Sometimes you just want to make that extra tweak or see other options until you're 100% happy that you have what you need.

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Modern websites

Websites built with Webflow, the best option for modern marketing websites with interactions and animations. See why in this article.

Easy and responsive

Communicate with us easily and get what you need when you need it with high quality. Better than hiring more internal staff or freelancers!